Discount Partners

The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) continuously seeks Affiliate Partners to bring value and benefits to our members.

What is an AMHA Affiliate Partner? This is a partnership between AMHA and your business.

In addition, AMHA promotes our Affiliate Partners and their products/services in our breed journal, newsletters and global emails.

Why choose AMHA's Affiliate Program?

  • AMHA is a nationally recognized membership association with approximately 10,000 members and 88,000 registered Morgan horses nationwide.

  • You provide banners and logos to place on our website that link to your website. Visitors to our site click through to yours, driving business to you.

  • Our members, clubs, and shows use a variety of products and services; a partnership could be beneficial to you and us.

  • Our website has over 300,000 visits annually.

What does this mean for you?

  • More money-making opportunities

  • Higher conversion

  • One great affiliate team

To learn more about AMHA Affiliate Partner program or to apply to become an Affiliate Partner email