Open Competition Program

The Open Competition Program showcases some of the Morgan breed's best ambassadors, and as a promotional tool, it can't be beat. Surveys show that most new Morgan owners discover the breed through friends and seeing Morgans  compete at open events. 

Don't let your hard work and success go unnoticed! Whether you are competing for your own accomplishment or to promote your business, if your Morgan is competing against other breeds in open competition, you are invited to join the AMHA Open Competition Program to earn year-end awards.

The Open Competition Program recognizes Morgans competing in 34 different facets of equine competition based on 8 core activities: open shows, competitive trail riding and driving, endurance trail riding, dressage, carriage driving and combined driving events, working western, western dressage, and eventing. Whether you just enjoy a good egg and spoon race, perform sliding stops with ease, or road trot to glory, the Open Competition Program has a division for you! The deadline to submit points for the current show season is November 1 each year.

Morgan Medallion Awards

In addition to yearly high point awards, Medallion awards for special individual achievement are presented in each of the 8 core activities. For horses attaining the medallion requirements, the honor of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum medallions will be hard to top. Horses may take as many years as needed to earn the required points.

Sport Horse Award

This award represents a life time achievement, and is awarded to Morgan Horses that earn medallions in five of the seven divisions. View the Sport Horse Award recipients!

For questions on the Open Competition Program, please contact AMHA at (802) 985-4944.