Grants & Scholarships

The American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust (AMHECT) annually offers a total of 7 different grants/scholarships!  If you didn’t know about these generous programs, please take the time to familiarize yourself with them so that you or someone you know can apply for these opportunities. 


Click on the links below or the tabs to the right to learn more about each of these individual grants and scholarships!


Deadlines of November 1


Harry Sebring Memorial Grant

(Under 40 pursuing equestrian education, skills, proficiencies)


Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant

(Under 21 furthering education and/or equestrian skills)


Deadlines of November 30


Ellen DiBella Western Dressage Scholarship

(Any Age wishing to further proficiencies in Western Dressage utilizing Morgan horses)


Van Schaik Classical Dressage Scholarship

(Any age wishing to further proficiencies in Classical Dressage utilizing Morgan horses)


Other Deadlines 


Alex Mooney Scholarship (June)

(For Undergraduate Academic Scholarships OR Professional Development)


Young Adult Alliance (YAA) Judging Scholarship (September)

(40 or under pursuing a Morgan Judges License with USEF)


Amanda Hill Young Breeders Incentive Grant (September)

(Under 40 wishing to establish a Morgan horse breeding program)