FAQ - Membership

Why should I be an AMHA member?

The American Morgan Horse Association seeks to advance the breed and offer exciting programs and services for all our members. Membership in AMHA can benefit you in countless way. We hope you’ll take the time to check out all the great “perks” and how your membership can help preserve, promote and perpetuate the breed for generations to come. Please visit our benefits page.

What do we get with a membership?

The AMHA offers different levels of membership. Depending on what your interests/needs are will depend on the level that is right for you. All levels of membership offers you voting privileges, a free listing in our online Morgan Farm Directory, free online classified advertising as well as eligibility in one of our great progams. For our Standard and Premium members, you can access our online registry database to look up your favorite Morgan, receive Member rates for registry transactions and showing privileges and so much more.  Be sure to click on this link for more information.

Is membership a one-time fee?

The AMHA membership runs on a calendar-year basis. (January 1- December 31)  All general and youth memberships expire December 31, although life and youth life memberships are also offered. Each year the membership fee must be submitted to retain your membership benefits. Membership applications are mailed out from the office each year for renewal before December 31. You can also join by clicking here.

I lost or misplaced my membership card, how can I get a new one?

You can now download your card instantly! Just click on this link and follow the instructions. If you have problems, feel free to call or email: info@morganhorse.com, 802/985-4944.

Can I add a name to my existing account?

Owner names in existing accounts are permanent. Adding a name to an account would change the ownership history of a Morgan. AMHA does not allow a name to be added to an account. A new account must be established, and the Morgans in that account transferred to this new account, if that is what is desired. Please read "What's In a Name."

I am planning to show my Morgan this year; do I need an AMHA membership?

If you are showing at a USEF-rated Morgan show, the owner, rider, and trainer of the horse will need an AMHA membership. You will also want to contact the United States Equestrian Federation at: 859/258-2472 or www.usef.org as you will be asked to hold a membership with them as well.

Where can I find information about Morgan clubs in my region?

Names of clubs, contact information, and web site links to clubs (when available) in each region are provided here.

What's In A Name

Your membership name is very important information. It is the name in which your Morgans will be registered as well as the name used to list you in the AMHA Sales List and Directories. Knowing what's in a name will help you avoid problems with your membership and registry work. When AMHA is notified of a Morgan's transfer of ownership, the horse is registered into the name of the new owner exactly as it is written on the Transfer Application. If this person is a first-time Morgan owner, he or she is assigned an Owner Number, which should be identical to the Member Number. A membership in this name and number entitles you to special rates and benefits in that name and number only. Membership benefits cannot be carried over from one Owner Number to another. If you register your second Morgan in a slightly different name, a brand new Owner Number will be assigned. For this reason, it is extremely important to pay attention to the name you give when you do business with AMHA. Ideally, all of your horses will be owned in the same Owner Name and Number. Since the Owner Name is permanent, AMHA cannot alter it. A name may be updated, but the identity cannot. For instance, if a woman marries and takes her husband's name, she can change her maiden name on her membership. However, she cannot add her husband's name to her account. If both the husband and wife want to be named as owners, they must transfer her horse into a new account with both names. Likewise, in cases of death or divorce, AMHA cannot remove a name. A transfer of ownership must be made to change the owner name. To check your Owner Name, refer to your Registration Certificates. In the lower left-hand corner, your Owner Name and Number are listed. This should be identical on every Registration Certificate, unless you have purposely registered horses under separate, unique names. If there are variations, please contact the AMHA Registry Department to adjust your accounts. Your Owner Name and Number are your AMHA identification, but if we receive spelling variations of your name, you will have a variety of identities! Please check your Registration Certificates to verify that you only have one Owner Number. It is very easy to correct any duplications or variations, but you must notify us to have these corrections made.