Recognized Club Requirements

American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) clubs are independently operated membership organizations dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Morgan breed.

One of the prime responsibilities of AMHA is to provide support services for Morgan clubs; however, AMHA is not responsible for club activities and does not sanction them.

1) President and Secretary must be AMHA members to receive mailings, listing in the Network.

2) American and Canadian clubs must consist of ten or more adult members. Foreign clubs must also have ten or more members.

3) Have a President, Vice President, Secretary and AMHA Liaison. AMHA membership among officers is encouraged.

4) Be governed by a properly constituted set of bylaws.

5) Hold a general membership meeting at least once a year.

6) Hold Morgan promotional events as appropriate to the membership and the locale.

7) Submit officer changes to AMHA within 30 days of an election.

8) Submit applications to AMHA by February 15 to be included in the Network listings.

9) Send newsletter to AMHA to be included in the Newsletter of the Year Contest.

10) Pay a $50 processing fee to receive club benefits. Clubs that do not meet all criteria will forfeit only the benefits related to that criteria (see Club Benefits). Example: Clubs that do not hold promotional events will not be eligible to participate in the Club of the Year Contest.

National Organization Requirements

AMHA National Organizations are clubs that promote a specific Morgan interest on a national level (racing, sport, bloodlines, etc.). Organizations must meet the same requirements as Recognized clubs with the exception of requirement #5.

AMHA Club Benefits

AMHA recognition means Morgan clubs receive support for breed promotion and club membership expansion.

All recognized clubs are listed in The Network several times each year. A listing includes the name, e-mail, and telephone number of the club’s contact person.

The name of a club’s membership director or secretary is also listed in the Regional Club List sent to all AMHA serious inquiries and new Morgan owners. The list includes names of all clubs in that person’s region. The club contact on this list should be prepared to provide lists of club activities and horses for sale, answer questions about the breed, and represent the club.

Promotional Literature

Promotional brochures may be ordered from AMHA for club activities. Materials are free, but clubs are asked to pay shipping costs. Orders should be made at least six weeks before an event.

Membership Support

Free adhesive labels of Morgan owners addresses can be ordered from AMHA. These labels are limited to the club’s state/area and are an effective tool for reaching owners who never have been club members.

AMHA Referrals

Each month, AMHA sends a list of new Morgan owners, prospects, and members to clubs whose president and secretary are AMHA members. This list allows the club’s membership director to contact potential club members and provides additional names for club mailings.

Fund Raising Assistance

Recognized Clubs that wish to offer AMHA gift items to resell at events or use as awards receive them at cost plus 10 percent. The club may then sell the items at the listed cost or whatever the market will bear.

The catalog items must be pre-paid. The discount does not apply to archive material, sale items, or Registry Volumes.

To ensure timely delivery of items, send orders to AMHA six weeks prior to an event. A description of items available can be obtained from AMHA upon request or seen in the Gift Catalog section of the AMHA Network as well as the gift catalog online at

Club of the Year Award

Recognized Clubs that hold promotional Morgan events are eligible for the Recognized Club of the Year Award. This award is based on a club’s performance in meeting attendance, Morgan breed promotion, and membership support. Civic involvement also is part of this criteria. Award winners will be announced at the annual AMHA Convention.

First-, second-, and third-place winners receive cash awards of $600, $400, and $300, respectively, plus special recognition in The Morgan Horse magazine. Club yearbooks must be submitted to the AMHA Membership Department by January 15.

Club Newsletter Award

Clubs that submit newsletters to AMHA are entered in the Newsletter of the Year Contest. Newsletters are judged at year’s end. Winners are announced at AMHA’s Annual Convention. Clubs must designate which newsletter for the year is to be judged. Newsletters are due by January 15.

Club Committee

The purpose of the Member/Member Club Committee is to maintain communication between local clubs and the AMHA Board of Directors and recommends ways to better serve clubs.