Sponsored Awards


High-Scoring Morgan Award

AMHA High Scoring Morgan Awards recognize the highest scoring Morgan in individual open competitions and approved trail rides, regardless of the division the horse competes in. Points from classes or rides open to all breeds may count toward this award. Approved trail rides include those sanctioned by national trail ride associations (such as AERC, ECTRA and NATRC), or those approved by the American Morgan Horse Association.

High-Scoring Morgan Award Application


AMHA Sponsored Awards

AMHA Sponsored Awards are presented annually to the overall high-scoring Morgans for achievement during the competition year in shows or events governed by a participating organization. The participating organization sets the criteria for eligibility and maintains the records and scores used to determine the placing for the award. To qualify for these awards, Owner AND Rider must be current members of AMHA and the competing horse must be registered with AMHA. Current participating organizations and the awards they present are as follows:

  • United States Eventing Association (USEA Morgan of the Year)
  • North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC High Score Morgan)

  • American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC High Mileage Morgan)

AMHA is very proud of its Morgans competing in open competition and is pleased to assist these participating organizations in the recognition of outstanding Morgan horses.

For questions regarding AMHA criteria for AMHA Sponsored Awards, please contact Nikki at AMHA, (859)448-5109, nicole@morganhorse.com.