Morgan Stronger Campaign

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Without a doubt, 2020 is going to be a year EVERYONE remembers! Tough and challenging times for sure, but our hope is when we look back on 2020 what we remember FIRST is the STRENGTH and commitment of all our Morgan Friends and Family. With that in mind, AMHA has launched a campaign to ensure AMHA’s viability through the current crisis.

We are Morgan Strong. Help us be MORGAN STRONGER! #MorganStrongerCampaign

($5,000 +) Exclusive Naming Rights* (extremely limited!)
($2,500 +) Justin Morgan 
($1,500 +) Black Hawk 
($1,000 +) Sherman 
($500 +) Woodbury
(Any $) Bulrush

*Seven suites are available to name in honor of a specific horse, farm, or person for any donation of $5,000 or more. A photo and short essay about the horse, farm, or person will hang outside each suite to honor your chosen Morgan legacy in addition to being posted on our campaign website page. Term of the naming rights is the length of the lease (currently through Dec. 31, 2024). Those purchasing naming rights will have first right of renewal at the end of the lease. Offering 1) The Morgan Horse Reading Nook, 2) Registry Suite, 3) Programs Suite, 4) Mail Center, 5) Administration Suite and 6) Reception Floor.

All donors will be posted on our MORGAN STRONGER CAMPAIGN page on and will receive a certificate of appreciation.

Link to online giving

Call: (802) 985-4944, Press 1 or 0 for a staff member who can take phone contributions via credit cards

Mail in contribution form

Membership/Subscription Renewal or Gift forms
For US residents 
For International residents

Thank you to our ENTIRE Morgan Strong(er) Community!




Contributors will be updated weekly!


(only 7 opportunities)

TMH Reading Nook - Named by Jennifer & Ivan Beattie and Phyllis Beattie-Dickie, East of Equinox Farm, Manchester Center, VT
The Registry Suite - Named by Stolen Aces Farm, The Sturm Family, Las Vegas, NV
The Programs Suite - Available
The Mail Center - Pending Receipt of Donation
The Financial Suite - Available
The Administration Suite - Available
The Reception Center - Named by Roadshow Morgans in honor of John and Georgie Green, TX



East of Equinox Farm, VT
Roadshow Morgans, TX
Stolen Aces Farm, NV
Blue Mountain Morgan Horse Club, OR
Louis and Liz Goldmann, Sutton Morgans, WA
Lexie Ellsworth, CA
New England Morgan Horse Association, MA (and more)
Anonymous (1)


Dr. Serena Brown, Dr. Robert Klein, Sasha Klein - The Brown/Klein Family Morgan Horses, CT



The Connecticut Morgan Horse Association, CT
Dallas Bolen, Sunchaser Morgans, OR
Steven Handy, MA

Linda Braddon, GA


Richard and Karen Tenneson, IA
Sherry and David Cole, IN
Big Sky Morgan Horse Association, MT
Lisi Edwards, IL
Glenn & Anne Winograd, West Coast Morgans, FL
Laura Holder Ward, MO
Henry F Stoltzfus, KY
Ashley Young, NJ
Sally Plumley, OR


Carrie Mortensen, KY
Sage Avery Jellerson, WA
Shelby Joye, NC
Karen Marlin, ME
Anonymous Donor (3)
Anne Boorman, UT
Elizabeth Burick, OH
Aaron Gingerich, OH
Cynthia Griffith, KY
Angie M. Hay, PA
Henrietta Polk, TX
Rosie Roegner, TX
R'Surene Morgan Farm, MO
Sally Thomason, SC
Dorrie Bruso, VT
Heidi Vanamburgh Buol, MA
Lucia Dizon, CA
Marianne Doherty, OR
Gayle & Jonalyn Gwinup, OK
Janet Heineck, WA
Sheryl Hurley, IL
Gardner & Carol Knight, Crescent Hill Morgans, ME
Donna Knipe, ID
Gayle Lampe, MO
Ann Paul, OK
Elizabeth Valway, NH
Brenda Wallace, VA
Mai Wisdom, CO
Helen Guiheen, MA
Nancy Harris, CO
Lisa Hermanson, SD
Kelly Kraegel & Kurt Hufferd, Cottonwood Creek Ranch, Inc., OK
Lois Schmotzer, CO
Carol Wesson, MA
Massachuesetts Morgan Horse Association, MA
Kate Kirsch, NY
Adena Mangrum, NC
Barbara Ferro, NY
James Harris, WI
Keith Koepke, PA
Judith Wunsch, CO
Cynthia Brown-Clark, NJ
Gina Pruetz/Glamour Morgans, TX
Amy Brackin, OK
Janie Denning, TN
Jerri Monroe, OK
John & Kathie Morrow, Taxihill Farm, KY
Leta Mueller, NY
Nancy & Ken Sherbert, KS

Special thanks to the many members who are gifting memberships and subscriptions to help with our campaign!