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page_1200_episode-1.jpgEpisode 1: Meet the Youth Council (2020)


page_1200_episode-2.jpgEpisode 2 Equitation  Kasey Saccocia of Cater Stables shares her equitation training tips and tricks.


page_1200_episode-3.jpgEpisode 3: The Fountain of Youth  All About AMHA Youth Programs with Nikki Scovotti.


page_1200_episode-4.jpgEpisode 4: Jerome Parker  Ring steward and longtime Morgan horse trainer. 


page_1200_episode-1.jpgEpisode 5: Growing up Morgan  Rebecca Cooper, manager of Ledyard Farms.


page_1200_episode-6.jpgEpisode 6: The Lippitt Club  Jim McClay & Heather Astley of Lippitt Club Inc. 


page_1200_episode-7.jpgEpisode 7: Shoe at the Big Show Del Slaugh, farrier at Grand National for over 35 years.


page_1200_episode-8.jpgEpisode 8: Becky's Gift  Kathy Lang speaks about this rescue organization.


page_1200_episode-9.jpgEpisode 9: A day in the Life of a Trainer Featuring Sarah Gove from Taylor River Farm in Hampton Falls, NH.


page_1200_episode-10.jpgEpisode 10: Making the judgement call with Karen Homer Brown Life as a rated horse show judge.


page_1200_episode-11.jpgEpisode 11: Snap Shot with Howie Schatzberg  Life as a horse show photographer.


page_1200_episode-12.jpgEpisode 12: The UVM Morgan Horse Farm  Kim Demars & Steve Davis from UVM Morgan Horse Farm.

page_1200_episode-13.jpgEpisode 13: Ryan Penno DVM  Dr. Penno on life as an equine vet.


page_1200_episode-14.jpgEpisode 14: Chronicles of the Morgan Horse with Ellen Feld  author of many horse books.


page_1200_episode-15a.jpgEpisode 15: Stitching it up with Bethea Phelan Alden Customs, maker of custom show outfits.



page_1200_episode-16.jpgEpisode 16: The Family behind Morgan Safenet  Colleen & Emilia talk about starting and running Morgan Safenet, the Morgan rescue.


page_1200_episode-15.jpgEpisode 17: New Beginnings at Faraday with Alyssa Wick  Trainer of Morgan horses.


page_1200_episode-18.jpgEpisode 18: A Symphony takes a Village with Bob Funkhouser  Saddle Horse Report editor and trainer talks about his experiences.


page_1200_episode-19.jpgEpisode 19: Queen of Hats and Hair with "The Hat Lady" Terri Deering  The Care of hats, sizing, and life as The Hat Lady.


page_1200_episode-20.jpgEpisode 20: Hylee Breeding Farm with Jackie Sweeney  All about Hylee's breeding program.


page_1200_episode-21.pngEpisode 21: Jack of All trades with Sandy Sessink  Challenges and responsibilities of judging.


page_1200_episode-22.jpgEpisode 22: On Target Training with Shawnna Karrassch  How positive reinforcement training can help solve problems with horses.


page_1200_episode-23.pngEpisode 23: "All-Around Equestrian" with Denny Emerson  Denny chats about Morgans, the Olympics and the Tevis Cup.


page_1200_ad.jpgEpisode 24: The next generation of horse training with Ryne Swope: Ryne chats about being a young horse trainer at the legendary Roadshow Morgans.

page_1200_jolene-bertrand.jpgEpisode 25: Avalon Photography with Jolene Bertrand: Learn about how fun being a horse show photographer can be!