FAQ - Programs

My Morgan & Me

What happened to Pathways?

Don’t worry – pleasure riders and drivers, the My Morgan & Me Program has all of the same goals as the former Pathways program! The My Morgan & Me Program still aims to reward Morgan horse lovers and owners who use their Morgans for pleasure riding and driving, but unlike Pathways this program is expanded to allow non-riding time such as grooming, groundwork and any time spent with Morgans in a non-competitive setting.   

How do I submit my hours?

We encourage you to submit the Award Application form when you reach a new milestone that makes you eligible for an award.  When you fill out the application, we’d love for you to share a story of how you achieved those hours and quality photos of your Morgan.  These will be shared on AMHA’s social media to promote the great things our members like you do with their Morgans!

What is a milestone?

A milestone is a certain number of hours that you can achieve to receive your award.  Please see the main page of the My Morgan & Me program for the full list of hour levels.

What awards do I get?

AMHA is happy to provide you with great awards such as t-shirts, leather halters, engraved photo frames, and plaques depending on the milestone you achieve. Enroll in the program to find out what other great surprises we have to give away for each milestone!

How long does it take to receive my award?

AMHA strives to send out awards as quickly as possible, but please factor in the time it takes for staff to process your application, update your record, and mail your award to you.

I was a lifetime member of Pathways. Do I need to pay the $25 fee?

No, you will not be required to pay the $25 fee if you paid the Lifetime Pathway's fee.  However, this must be verified by staff at AMHA. Please contact us if you have questions.

Who can join this program?

Any member of AMHA using a registered Morgan horse.

Do I need to own my own Morgan? 

No, you can participate in the program with any registered Morgan you ride or spend time with.  You do not have to own the Morgan personally.

Can youth members participate?

Yes! We welcome all ages and abilities to participate in our programs. 


Open Competition

Do all Morgan shows and all Morgan classes count?

Your results from all Morgan classes will not count for the Open Competition program. However, if you compete in open classes with all breeds at Morgan shows, that will count.  For example, if you compete in the Carriage Driving division of Connecticut Morgan Horse Show, your scores will count.  When in doubt, call AMHA and ask us!

I’m new to the program but I want my scores from last year to count.  Can I add old scores?

Yes! For just $100 per year you can submit points retroactively.

I don’t see my type of competition on the entry forms. What form should I fill out?

If you are participating in a gymkhana, barrel racing, or another type of competition that doesn’t fit the eight (8) core disciplines, please enter it under the Open Show division in the General category.  Once AMHA receives your results on the entry form, we will be sure all of the results are in the right category and will contact you when we have questions.

Who can join this program?

Any member of AMHA that is competing with a registered Morgan horse.

I own and compete with more than one Morgan. Can I enroll in this program with all of my horses?

Yes!  Each horse will have to be enrolled at the appropriate rate (yearly or for a lifetime), but competitors are welcome to submit results for all of their horses.

Ranch Horse Network

How can I join the Ranch Horse Network?

Please download an application, complete it and send it back to AMHA.  We will then add your farm to our website.

What does being a member of Ranch Horse Network get me?

Being a member of Ranch Horse Network allows others to see your farm listed in our directory.  This may help you make connections with other local ranches, buy and sell horses, communicate with each other about what you’re doing on the ranch with your Morgans, and it further demonstrates the Morgan’s great versatility to be a ranch horse!

Mentor Network

How do I become a mentor? Can anyone be a mentor?

Please contact AMHA with your photo and the area of expertise you’d like to include in your bio.  Members of AMHA are welcome to be a mentor for an indefinite amount of time, and non-AMHA members are invited to be a guest mentor for one month’s time.

My mentor and I had a great conversation others can learn from. How can I share these on the Frequently Asked Questions page?

That is wonderful! Please submit your questions and answers to AMHA and we will upload them to the FAQ page.

I have someone in mind who would be a great mentor. How do I sign them up?

Great! Please share the website with them and tell them to get in touch with AMHA, so we can put them on the website!

Champion Title Program

What shows qualify for points?

Only USEF and AMHA Star Rated shows count toward a horse's record.

Do reserve championships count?

Yes! As of April 2018, reserve championship points count.

I won my qualifier, but not the championship. Does this count?

Unfortunately, no. Only championships count toward a horse's points tally.

My horse won a USEF Year-End award. Does this count?

The only cumulative points that count are a high-point award at a show. So if your horse was, for example, the Dressage High-Point winner, that would count for two points. All other year-end awards, etc., do not count.

My horse won a Grand National qualifier. Does that count?

Yes! Grand National championships, while being a qualifier for a world championship, count as a championship and thus is 2 points.

Do equitation points count?

Yes! AMHA will need to know the name of the rider and the shows he/she competed at, but those points do count!