Young Adult Alliance

The American Morgan Horse Association Young Adult Alliance (YAA) is an organization of 18-40 year old amateurs and professionals working together to strengthen the Morgan breed. Established in 2013, this group was founded to create a platform for young adult members to build relationships, develop professionally, become civically and philanthropically active, and to contribute to the economic success of the Morgan community.

What are we focusing on?

The YAA is currently working on several projects:

  1. Developing and implementing a series of events at Morgan Horse Shows throughout the country. Events in 2014 included a Trainer’s Bull Riding Calcutta at the Morgan Gold Cup & New England Regional Horse Shows.
  2. Establishing a series of educational videos and informational webinars featuring industry experts and market leaders discussing training techniques, horse care, tips and best practices.
  3. Creating an action plan to keep aging out Junior Exhibitors and college students active and involved with the Morgan horse.
  4. Drafting a YAA constitution & by-laws to strongly establish the Young Adult Alliance as an organization within the Morgan community.
  5. Instituting a Young Adult Alliance membership and email list to further engage and cultivate Morgan enthusiasts from 18-40.

Working together, the members of the Young Adult Alliance aim to establish an organization within the American Morgan Horse Association that will involve young members and help shape and support the future of the breed that they are so passionate about.