The Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant

The Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant is a grant offered to all AMHA members under the age of 21 to further his or her equine education, skills, or proficiency, and/or further his or her academic education.

Elberta-Honstein and Roy-El Morgan Farm have a rich and long history with the Morgan breed. Roy-El Morgan Farm was founded in the early 1960′s by Roy and Elberta Honstein. They passed on their love of Morgans to their daughter, Debbie, and then to Debbie’s daughters, Elberta Seybold and Eriene Seybold-Smythe.


To Apply

Applications must be accompanied by a complete proposal answering ALL questions listed on the application form including an itemized budget of the program/event. Grant awards (checks) may not be made payable to the individual, but to the clinician, institution, or business providing the services.

Inquiries about grant applications or the grant process are handled by email only.  Email with any questions or comments.

Applications are available by clicking below:

2023 Application


Recent recipients of the Elberta Honstein Memorial Grant

2022 (Not awarded)

2021 Amelia Mason of Lexington, KY will be pursuing instruction at Blue Willow Farm

2020 Annabeth Allen of Bixby, OK will be furthering her riding skills with formal instruction

2020 Airianna Rich of Baraboo, WI will pursue instruction in the discipline of Western Dressage

2019 Airianna Rich of Baraboo, WI will  pursue instruction in the discipline of Classical Dressage

2018 Clea Cloutier of Derry, NH will further her equestrian skills at Cottonwood Creek Ranch in OK

2017 Kate Rawlinson of Lincoln, NE will participate in a Dressage clinic to enrich her equestrian skills