Full Circle Program

AMHA is proud to sponsor Full Circle, a program to encourage individuals to provide a "safety net" for horses they bred, owned, trained, drove, cared for, or just admired. The initiative is modeled after a similar program first introduced by the American Quarter Horse Association.

The Full Circle program allows, at no charge, anyone with interest in a Morgan, to record his or her name and contact information in the AMHA record of that horse. If that horse should ever become unwanted, the individual with custody of the horse at that time can contact the AMHA Registry Department to see if the horse has been enrolled in Full Circle.

By enrolling a horse in Full Circle and providing your contact information for that horse, you give AMHA permission to provide that information to an individual inquiring as to the horse’s possible Full Circle enrollment. If you enrolled a horse, this is the point where you could be contacted by that individual, not AMHA, to help. From there, the options are up to you and the person contacting you; AMHA has no involvement or stake in the outcome.

Options may include taking the horse back, recommending or facilitating adoption or alternative career options, or providing funds or care or training. The choices are varied and up to you and the current owner or contact person. If your situation has changed and you can’t help, there’s no obligation on your part by enrolling the horse. You can also delete your name from a horse’s Full Circle enrollment at any time, also at no charge.

To enroll a horse in Full Circle, you must have the registered name of the horse you wish to enroll. Also, be prepared to provide all your contact information, including alternative individuals who will know how to reach you should you move or change your phone number or e-mail address after enrolling a horse in Full Circle.

It is easy to enroll a Morgan in the Full Circle Program!

Fill it out and mail to AMHA, 4037 Iron Works Parkway Ste 130, Lexington, KY  40511; Download the form.

For more information, contact Erica Eulau, AMHA Registrar,  or (802) 985-4944 ext. 301.