Welcome to the National Museum of the Morgan Horse

The National Museum of the Morgan Horse (NMMH) has been relocated to the American Morgan Horse Association, Inc.’s main office in Shelburne, VT.

In an effort of maintaining an actual display, continuing cataloging the current collection, creating a large digital database, and efficiently manage rising costs, the AMHA Board of Directors (at their August 13, 2016 meeting) voted to temporarily move the Museum from Middlebury, Vermont to Shelburne, Vermont.  The NMMH Advisory Council unanimously endorsed the AMHA Board’s proposal.

This relocation allows for both the AMHA Board of Directors and the NMMH Advisory Council to continue their work to maintain and preserve the history of our beloved Morgan horse. Working together, a strategic plan will be developed to ensure the longevity and permanent future of this vital entity. The process of developing a strategic plan to move the Museum forward in the coming years is currently underway and we hope all will continue their support of this vital endeavor.

Visit our online collections at https://gallery.collectorsystems.com/MorganMuseum

Our Vision

The public should know and respect the importance of the Morgan horse, including in the history and development of the United States.

Our Mission

To educate and share the history of the Morgan horse by collecting, preserving, and maintaining art, artifacts, and archives.

Core Values
The NMMH will embrace, respect, and value the diversity of the Morgan horse and will appreciate all aspects of the breed.

The NMMH will be good stewards of the history of the Morgan horse, including the collection, the people, and the stories that comprise the history.

The NMMH will engage the national and international Morgan horse community through a variety of efforts including outreach at events, affiliation with other Morgan-related groups, and use of all media venues.

AMHA members can access the entire collection by emailing a scan of your membership card to morganmuseum@gmail.com

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