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AMHA Form 990

AMHA Annual Report

AMHA Horse Slaughter Position Statement

The AMHA is pro-welfare of the horse. First and foremost, we support responsible breeding and ownership. However, if a horse owner is not able to provide adequate care for their horse, there are options available:

  • Sell the horse
  • Lease the horse
  • Donate the horse to a worthy organization
  • Donate the horse to a rescue/retirement facility

Unfortunately, there are times when none of these options is achievable. For these cases, we believe that humane euthanasia is a better alternative to a life of suffering, inadequate care, and possibly abandonment. For these cases, the association recommends euthanasia to be performed by a licensed veterinarian. AMHA is not pro-slaughter, and we believe that it is not the most desirable option for addressing the problem of unwanted horses; however, we understand that the slaughter of unwanted horses at a processing facility may be the only alternative for a horse rather than to continue a life of suffering, inadequate care, or abandonment when other alternatives are unavailable to the owner.