AMHA Honors

Every industry rewards individuals who make history through their contributions. The Morgan horse industry is pleased to be able to do so.

To recognize those who have helped make the breed great, AMHA members can nominate their Morgan heroes and heroines for a number of special awards. All AMHA awards are based on nominations made by AMHA members.

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Deadline November 1.

Hall of Fame Award
The AMHA Hall of Fame Award, introduced in 1985, annually recognizes up to two people who have given long-term support to the breed through the activities of the AMHA. The Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement Award has seen some outstanding individuals selected for their contributions.  See a list of the past recipients

Breeders' Hall of Fame Award
Established in 2004, the AMHA Breeders' Hall of Fame award is given to up to three Morgan breeders who have produced Morgans that have had a significant impact on the breed. See a list of the past recipients

Person(s) of the Year Award

The Person(s) of the Year awards. Some of the best-known people in the Morgan breed have been recognized. The award recognizes the individual(s) who, in the past five years, have made particularly exceptional contributions to the support and preservation of the Morgan breed and/or AMHA. See a list of the past recipients

Show Horse Hall of Fame Award
Registered Morgans with three or more World Champion titles earned at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show®, or if shown prior to 1973, registered Morgans with three or more Grand National Champion titles. Other registered Morgan show horses of outstanding caliber also will be eligible. See a list of the past recipients

Golden Reins Award
Instituted in 1995, the Golden Reins Award recognizes professionals who have been involved with the Morgan breed for at least 30 years. Active or retired trainers and instructors who have made a lasting impact on the breed on a daily basis through their dedication to working with horses and riders are eligible for nomination. See a list of the past recipients

Cecil R. Brown Memorial Sportsmanship Award
In 1993, the Cecil Brown Sportsmanship Award was added to the AMHA's list of special awards. This award is only given out in years when there is a special person who stands apart from all others. It recognizes an individual who exemplifies sportsmanship in and out of the ring during horse show competition. This award gives the show industry an opportunity to recognize the people who make Morgan competition a pleasure for all. See a list of the past recipients

The Professional Horseman Award
Awarded yearly to the professional who supports and promotes the Morgan breed and volunteers time to mentor personally and through clinics raising the standard of training and education within the breed. Most of all, through longevity and success, this professional encompasses in every sense “Horseman.” The professional must be a member in good standing with the AMHA and a member of USEF with professional status. See a list of the past recipients

Dr. Albert Lucine Promoter Award
This award is given to an individual, group, or farm that goes above and beyond to promote the Morgan breed. This award recognizes an individual who exemplifies volunteerism throughout the Morgan horse world. It is an individual who volunteers his or her time on a local or regional level, as well as stepping up on the national level. This is an individual who has shown a penchant for volunteering, and will do anything to promote and support activities involving Morgan horses and their people. It also is someone whose time carries over into other equine organizations, representing the interests of the Morgan breed. Obviously, this individual is very passionate about all things Morgan. To be given when truly deserved. See a list of the past recipients

AMHA Young Person Award
This award honors one young person (under 40 years of age) who has demonstrated breed promotion and outreach through participation in events, committees, or clubs, and has noted achievements with Morgans in or out of the show ring. The nominee will also have exhibited positive personal characteristics and sportsmanship and inspired others. Nominees must be a current AMHA member. See a list of the past recipients

Mabel Owen Media Award
The Mabel Owen Media Award has been established to recognize a person or group in the media (written, photographic, print, video, electronic) with a documented body of work that has contributed above and beyond in providing content, adding to the public's ability to learn about, enjoy, and record for posterity activities involving the Morgan horse. See a list of the past recipients

Morgan International Competition Award
In 1997, AMHA introduced this award, which is presented only when a person is identified who has gone the extra mile to introduce the Morgan breed in other countries. See a list of the past recipients

Therapy Horse Award
Know of an outstanding Morgan? One who has contributed above and beyond expectations as a therapy horse? If so, it may be eligible for the AMHA Therapy Horse Award. The Morgan may be part of a recognized therapeutic riding program or ridden by a handicapped individual on a regular basis. This Morgan may be owned by the individuals who benefit by working with it and must be active to win the award title. See a list of the past recipients