AMHA Committees


AMHA's governance is highly dependent on our committee structure. The committees serve several important functions:

  • Assist in the on-going review/management of AMHA's operations, as assigned;
  • Provide a grass-roots network to AMHA members, assuring a broad and continuous input from members for decision making purposes; and,
  • Assistance in program content designs to assure that AMHA's programs and services meet the needs of the bulk of our members.

Of the above, the role of a network conduit between our members and the AMHA Board is most critical. It is imperative that member input be the basis of AMHA's Strategic Plan, stating where we want to be in 1-3 years; and what the content and/or philosophy of AMHA’s programs should be.

General Objectives for all Committees:

  • Identify constituent needs/wants that AMHA might address to further increase the "value-added" to members;
  • How can AMHA improve/increase compliance with published rules, regulations, standards, and guidelines while increasing ethical, sportsmanship behavior;
  • Identify data elements that should be collected and maintained in AMHA databases, and how best to collect these data elements;
  • To promote the Morgan horse, AMHA membership, and usage of AMHA's programs and services on a continuous basis;
  • Explore ways that we can better showcase the Morgan horse; 
  • Document why various constituents belong to AMHA;
  • Explore ways that attendance and participation at Morgan events can be increased; and
  • Identify educational needs of the public, and our various constituents, concerning the Morgan horse and AMHA.

Standing Committees

AMHA has standing committees as listed below. These committees are composed of members of the Board of Directors who are appointed by the President at the annual reorganization meeting of the Board following the annual members meeting and election. All standing committee meetings are open to all Board members.

 C. A. Lee III
Recording Secretary: Carrie Mortensen
Vice President: Mari Sanderson
Vice President of Finance: Kate Kirsch

Executive Committee
 C. A. Lee III
Staff Liaison: Executive Director
Members: Mari Sanderson, Vice President; Kate Kirsch, Vice President of Finance; Terri Sturm, Bylaws Chair; Harlan Grunden, Registry Chair; Carrie Mortensen, Recording Secretary
Charter: To function on behalf of the Board of Directors between regularly scheduled Board meetings, and as the Personnel Committee of the board.

Finance Committee
Chair: Kate Kirsch
Staff Liaison: Executive Director
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Dallas Bolen, Carol Fletcher, Harlan Grunden, Terri Sturm, Steven Handy, Karen Marlin, Kelly Kraegel
Charter: To oversee the financial operations of AMHA, including reserve funds and trust funds to achieve long-term strategic economic objectives, to oversee the development of an annual budget with input from the board and the committees, monitor performance in accordance with that budget and make recommendations to the board on matters impacting the short-term and long-term integrity of the Association.

Registry Committee
Chair: Harlan Grunden
Staff Liaison: Erica Eulau 
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Kris Breyer, Shanna Gish, Steven Handy, Steve Herz, Iann Fu Longenecker, Mari Sanderson, Sharon Skelly
Charter: To maintain and ensure the integrity of the AMHA Registry and to make recommendations to the board concerning changes to policy/rules and existing and proposed registrations/applications.

Bylaws Committee
Terri Sturm
Staff Liaison: 
Executive Director
C. A. Lee, III, Dallas Bolen, Kris Breyer, Carol Fletcher, Kelly Kraegel, Dianne Lents, Karen Marlin, Mari Sanderson
Charter: Responsible for the periodic review of the Bylaws of the Corporation and recommend to the Board of Directors proposed changes as necessary.

Special Working Committees

As described in bylaw 4.18, the board may elect or appoint one or more committees to assist them with the on-going business of the association. Special Working Committees are chaired or co-chaired by the members of the Board of Directors or Directors Emeriti. Remaining committee members are non-board members approved by the board.

Awards Committee
Carol Fletcher
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Ling Fu Wylie, Selina Cloutier, Suzy Lucine, Peggy Hatfield, Dallas Bolen, Shanna Gish, Kelly McFaul, Lucy Ray, Linda Collins
Charter: Under Development

Customer Relations, Marketing & Sponsorships Committee
Chair: Steven Handy
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Dallas Bolen, Mike Goebig, Kelly Kraegel, Celia Salmon, Janelle Schroeder, Savannah Sturm, Cailey White, Tami Johnson, Kate Kirsch, Carol Fletcher, Mari Sanderson
Charter: Under Development

Discipline Steering Committee
Chair: Kris Breyer
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Kathy Newcomb, Mari Sanderson, Dallas Bollen
Charter: To facilitate awards, communication, education, promotion and support of members who participate with their Morgans in competition events and to develop initiatives that will further the growth and development of all disciplines for Morgans in the open competition arena.  The committee will also work to support all disciplines in Morgan shows, with recommendations and support for AMHA committees involved with Morgan shows.

Executive Director Employment Committee (TBD at a later date by the president)

Magazine Advisory Committee
Chair: Dallas Bolen
Members: TBD
Staff: Carrie Mortensen, Stephen Kinney, Kim Oplotnik
Charter: To provide advice and support to the staff associates on content and image of AMHA publications, audio and video products, and recommend new products to the Board to meet the needs of AMHA's diverse membership.

Professionals/Judges Committee
Co-Chairs: Cindy Mugnier & Larry Bolen
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Jonalyn Gwinup, ,Daryl Hopson, Karen Homer-Brown, Terry Jones-Brennan, Tim Roesink
Charter: Our purpose is to ensure that every Morgan horse is judged against the same criteria regardless of who is judging or in what part of the country a show is held. We also will investigate means to improve the overall horse show experience for owners, trainers, grooms, and spectators.To accomplish these goals, the committee will oversee Judges’ programs, plan the curriculum for Judges Seminars and Judging Schools, and will devise and provide to all horse show judges a standard of perfection against which horse show competitors may be measured and placed. The committee also will provide continuing education of the membership regarding horsemanship, sportsmanship, and showmanship, and will maintain a close working relationship with the United Professional Horsemen’s Association to foster mutually beneficial relationships among all participants in the horse show industry.

Shows Committee
Chair: Mari Sanderson
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Richard Boule, Dallas Bolen, Kelly McFaul, Stephanie Marcelonis, Cindy Becker, Clea Cloutier
Charter: To review and coordinate guidelines and procedures associated with AMHA recognition of horse shows, grant requests and AMHA Star Rating Program.  To recommend to the Board, Best Practice for operating regional shows, review grants for financial assistance and recommendations for disbursement of funds and to review guidelines and procedures associated with AMHA Star Rating recognition of horse shows and recommend to the Board, improvements and how shows can build attendance and esprit-de-corps.

USEF Morgan Rules Committee
Chair: Cindy Mugnier
Staff Liaison: Executive Director
Members: John Bennett,  Ellen Di Bella, Travis Filipek, Kate Foy, Ling Fu Wylie, Georgie Green, Carol Fletcher, Karen Homer Brown, Kelly McFaul, Christine Nava, Molly O’Brien, Mari Sanderson, Diana Swanson
This committee is appointed by USEF and serves four-year terms.
Charter: To continually review the rules published in the USEF Rule Book and utilized as objective measures by show officials in the judging of Morgan horses in all USEF shows; and to oversee the rules review and change process and recommend changes to existing rules to AMHA's Board of Directors and USEF.

Youth Advisory Committee
Chair: Sara Foy
Members: C. A. Lee, III, Marcie Palmer-Eaton, Jolene Glavin, Celia Salmon, Emily Mulligan, Linda Collins, June Karbowski, Jennifer Granger
Non-Voting Advisors: Nikki Scovotti
Charter: To develop youth membership recruitment and retention strategies and to evaluate and strengthen youth programming. 

Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees and task groups are formed to accomplish specific tasks, and may be formed or disbanded as deemed appropriate by the AMHA President or board. Members of ad hoc committees may include non-Board members, and are appointed by the President. Current ad hoc committees and the present members of each include:

Promotional & Show Grant Review Committee
Chair: Kris Breyer
Members: Carol Fletcher, Harlan Grunden, Steven Handy, Tony Lee, Terri Sturm
Charter: To review all grants requests and to make recommendations to the BOD for disbursement of funds in response.

Grievance Committee 
Chair: Ling Fu Wylie
Members: Ginger White, Glenn Winograd, Leslie Hurst, Sally Ann Lyle
Charter: The AMHA Grievance Committee is a venue for mediating grievances or complaints about the Association, its Board, or any board member in the hope of reaching resolutions acceptable to all concerned.


Bylaws Research: 
Chair: Kate Kirsch
Members: Mari Sanderson, Carol Fletcher, Terri Sturm

Magazine Awards: 
Chair: Kate Kirsch
Members: TBD

Special Litigation: 
Chair: Dallas Bollen
Members: Kelly Kraegel, Ling Fu Wylie, Sara Foy, C. A. Lee, III

Welfare & Rescue: 
Chair: Kelly Kraegel
Members: Kate Kirsch, Terri Sturm, Harlan Grunden, Steven Handy, Stephen Kinney, Lori Sargeant