The 2019 AMHECT/WMF Stallion Service Auction

Congratulations to the high bidders and thank you to all who participated!

Dragonsmeade Axios Daniel Shrock $5,600.00
Dragonsmeade Spectre Jay Kleiber $4,500.00
Dressed Up GCH Arcola $4,000.00
Graycliff Tony GCH The Greens $3,600.00
Merriehill After Hours GCH Holly Johnson $3,450.00
Minion Millennium Arcola $3,100.00
Queen’s Glory Days Kyle D Miller $2,800.00
Astronomicallee Teri Sturm $2,600.00
CBMF Over The Moon Alicia Owens $2,600.00
CBMF Hitting The Streets GCH Gove Family Partnership $1,650.00
Dragonsmeade Sea Dragon Lindsay Atkinson $1,550.00
Futurity French Command Arcola $1,550.00
JW Standing Tall Mike Carpenter $1,550.00
Merriehill Home Stretch GCH Sarde Morgans $1,550.00
Ingate’s Eye of the Tiger Sarde Morgans $1,500.00
Centerpiece Eli and Rebecca Lapp $1,350.00
SYP High Definition GCH Debbie & Leanna Confer $1,300.00
Bazinga Laura Braddock $1,250.00
Leonardo’s Cry CH Jay Kleiber $1,250.00
ECP Anchor Man Ann de St Remy $1,200.00
Rowenda Boogie On Down Sarde Morgans $1,200.00
Man In Black GCH Marcelene Lilley $1,150.00
Stand And Deliver GCH Dennis O'Connell $1,100.00
Caffeinated Patti Sheeley $1,000.00
Regal Masterpiece Susan Klotz $1,000.00
SLB Da Vinci Joe Zehr $1,000.00
King-E Otto B Sam Detweiler $950.00
Roberto Cavalli Andrea Bigelow $900.00
MSV Shooting Star Jeffrey Hileman $850.00
The Master’s Touch Genevieve Kendell-Hayes $850.00
ZZ Top Tracey Seeley $850.00
Balenciaga - $800.00
Cingate Revelation Jay Dee Graber $800.00
Dream Catcher Don Juan Chuck Finnley $800.00
HVK Man About Town - $800.00
ICF Reasonably Certain Judith Dexter $800.00
Indian Creek Tomahawk Ashlyn Carley $800.00
ISA Celestial Son Jacob Esh $800.00
JDS Paladin Pazazz Vickie Juback $800.00
LPS Piece Of The Action Marlin M Stutzman & James A Stutzman $800.00
MEM Intoxicated Philip Yutzy $800.00
Treble’s Facebook - $800.00
TSL Starcraft Jill Hoenmans $800.00
UVM Stallion of choice Judith Dexter $800.00

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