AMHA Affidavit Regarding Waiver of Signature
AMHA International Registry Reciprocity Handbook
Application for Dual Registration
Application for Duplicate Certificate
Application for Frozen Embryo/Oocyte Transfer
Application for Non-Frozen Embryo/Oocyte Transfer
Castration Report
Clarification Application
Coat Color Testing Application
Coat Color/Markings Guidelines
Death Report Form
DNA Conversion Application
DNA Kit Request for Unknown Horse
DNA Kit Request
Horse Name Change Request
Membership Application for Registry
Morgan Auction Tool Kit
Notice of Frozen Semen Transfer
Notice of Lease Agreement
Prefix Application
Registration Application
Registry Fee Schedule
Signature Authorization Form
Stallion Service Report
SynchroGait Test Application
What is the SynchroGait Test
Transfer Application
Step by step instructions for completing an AMHA Transfer application

The Morgan Horse magazine

TMH Media Guide
TMH Subscription Form

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Global Email Advertising

Young Adult Alliance

YAA Judging School Scholarship Application


Champion Title Program Guidelines
Champion Title Program Application
High Scoring Morgan Award Application
My Morgan & Me Award Application
Open Competition Application/Registration
Ranch Horse Network Application
Sire and Dam of Merit Application
Sponsored Awards Application
2020 Open Competition Guidelines

Breed Promotional Materials

Mare and Stallion Portraits/Anatomical Sheet

Morgan Horse Skeletal/Anatomical Sheet
Justa Morgan Fun Youth Coloring Sheet
Morgan Horse Promotional Brochure
Promotional Material Order
Request for Breed Promotion Grant
Western Fun Brochure
Youth Program Brochure

Flyers and Press Releases for Open Barns


2021 AMHA Membership Application
Breeders' Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form
Cecil R. Brown Memorial Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form
Dr. Albert Lucine Promoter Award Nomination Form
Golden Reins Award Nomination Form
Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form
International Competition Award Nomination Form
Mabel Owen Media Award Nomination Form
Person(s) of the Year Award Nomination Form
Professional Horseman Award Nomination Form
Show Horse Hall of Fame Award Nomination Form
Therapy Horse Award Nomination Form
Young Person Award Nomination Form


Club Application
Horsemastership Program Examiner Application
Horsemastership Program Report Form
Horsemastership Program Requirement Booklet

Horsemastership Program Workbooks

Justa Morgan Fun Activity Page

Morgan Horse Facts Sheet
Morgan Horse Anatomical/Skeletal Page
Medal Class Application
USEF Youth Sportsman's Award Guidelines
USEF Youth Sportsman's Award Appliication
Youth Council Job Descriptions
Youth Judging Guide
Youth Leaders Guide
Youth of the Year Contest Application
Youth of the Year Contest Planbook
Youth of the Year Contest Report


Judging School Handbook
Morgan Competition Grant Application
Morgan Horse Judging Standards
Regional Show Handbook
2021 Regional Show Application
2021 Regional Show Confirmation
Star Rating Application
Star Rating Guidelines

2021 Morgan Competition Grant Program Application


Recognized Club Application
Recognized Club Contest and Year-End Award Nomination Forms
Promotional Materials Order Form
Request for Breed Promotion Grant