The Ellen DiBella Western Dressage Scholarship


This scholarship honors the founder of Western Dressage, Ellen DiBella, for her years of service to all things Morgan and especially her support in the creation of the WDAA (Western Dressage Association of America).

Western Dressage seeks to improve balance, cadence, and carriage of both horse and rider. By combining the disciplines of dressage with the philosophies of western riding, Western Dressage seeks to improve our partnership with our horse. The goal is a happier, more sound horse, and a more aware and knowledgeable rider. Achieving these goals is a journey of technique, learning, growth, practice, and patience. To help Western Dressage Morgan riders, this scholarship hopes to allow riders to advance in their skills once they are well into the first level.

To preserve and encourage the classical methods as applied to the Western discipline that Ellen DiBella strongly believes in, the American Morgan Horse Educational and Charitable Trust shall make an award of up to $1000 to a Morgan individual wishing to further his or her skill, knowledge, or proficiency in ridden Western Dressage utilizing Morgan horses.

In selecting a candidate for this scholarship, emphasis will be placed on helping a rider move from the lower levels of dressage through fifth level. Preference will be given to applicants who have competed their Morgan(s) at first level or above and received a 60 percent or higher score at a recognized competition.

The scholarship must be used to further the training and education of the applicant and their Morgan(s). Eligible expenses include instruction, travel and living expenses directly related to receiving instruction, instructional materials, etc. Following selection, the successful applicant must attest that he/she will continue to pursue Western Dressage training on a Morgan for the duration of the scholarship.


Previous Ellen DiBella Western Dressage Scholarship winners are not eligible. 

Applicant must be a current competing AMHA member and the Morgans must be shown under their registered names.

Applications should be assembled in the following order:

1. Application Cover Sheet

2. Narrative (up to 5 pages)

3. Two (2) written letters of reference

4. Up to one page of photo(s) {Optional}

Deadline: November 30. Applicants must submit a fresh application package each year to be considered. Applications will be scored independently by a team of qualified reviewers designated by the AMHECT. Applicants will be notified no later than April 1st.

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Click here for the application.


Applications can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed to the AMHECT Office:

American Morgan Horse Educational Charitable Trust
Attention: AMHECT Ellen DiBella Western Dressage Scholarship
4037 Iron Works Parkway, Suite 130, Lexington, KY 40511-8508
(802) 985-4944, Ext. 201
(859) 287-3555 (Fax Line)