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Here at the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) we appreciate you as a Morgan owner or enthusiast. We offer you the advantage of a variety of services and programs that you can enjoy year round. We offer many levels of membership, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your level of participation with the Morgan horse. We invite you to join other like-minded Morgan horse admirers who are AMHA members. (The membership year runs January-December.) Here is what you can expect with an AMHA membership:


Think about it, for less than $6 per month (based on Standard Level of $70/year) a membership with the AMHA saves you money on the products and services you need and love to use! Did you know that with your standard or premium membership you can research pedigrees, show records, and more all for free on our website, With your membership you can save money on registry, a subscription, programs, retail items, and receive additional discounts from our many partners. These are just a few big-time savings for you.

Get Involved

AMHA offers many programs to keep its Morgan horse members involved. For pleasure riders and drivers, we have the My Morgan and Me Recreational Program. Do you participate in open shows and events? You can earn points and receive medallions in the Open Competition Program. Have a ranch? We have a program that helps promote the Western working Morgan, The Ranch Horse Network™. In addition, the Champion Title Program recognizes your horse’s show ring accomplishments. By being involved in programs that AMHA has to offer, you receive rewards, awards, and recognition.


AMHA is proud to sponsor Full Circle, a program to encourage individuals to provide a “safety net” for horses they bred, owned, trained, drove, cared for, or just admired. The American Morgan Horse Registry advocates for abandoned, unwanted or neglected Morgan horses by educating the public and connecting people and agencies that can provide care and/or homes. Morgans available for adoption are listed on our website.


The Morgan horse is truly one of the most beautiful, versatile, and historically rich breeds in the world. We are proud of its past, present, and future—and we are eager to share that with you. Your membership can help “preserve, promote, and perpetuate the breed” for generations to come. Your membership not only supports AMHA, but assures you a role in attaining that mission. Be sure to join us!

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