Youth Contests

AMHA Youth of the Year Program

Morgan horses have long been defined by their ability to suit people with varying interests. Similarly, AMHA believes that Morgan youths should also be versatile.

Youth of the Year contests are designed to recognize top achievers. Youth of the Year contests consist of four parts: a written exam, an oral presentation, a judging contest and a horsemanship pattern. Each section of the contest is worth approximately 250 points.

 Many contests offer divisions for the leadline, walk-trot, and junior aged exhibitors. Expectations for these divisions are modified to be appropriate for the age of contestants. Please contact your local contest organizer for more information on the divisions being offered at your local contest.

Youth who win the Senior division or who score over 800 points in the Senior division at local contests qualify to compete for AMHA Youth of the Year at the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show in Oklahoma City. The winner of this prestigious title receives a unique prize package customized by the winner valued at $3,500. The reserve winner receives a unique prize package customized by the reserve winner valued at $1,500.  Local and regional contests are open to youth of all ages, but only those aged 14 years and older can qualify to compete in Oklahoma.

Why should you compete in a Youth of the Year Contest? Youth of the Year contests reward those who are well-versed in horsemanship skills. They provide a wonderful opportunity to improve one's horse knowledge as well as a means of setting realistic goals and learning the benefits of hard work and dedication. Most importantly, youth contests create a positive atmosphere in which young people and adults who share a love of the Morgan can interact. Friendships developed through youth contests are a rewarding and fulfilling benefit. How can you become involved?

Sign up to participate or volunteer in a youth contest! There is no better time to become involved than right now! Every region offers Youth of the Year contests, so keep your eyes open. Discover where the next contest is being held. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain!


**AMHA Virtual Youth of the Year Contest is back!!**

We are excited that the virtual Youth of the Year contest is back for 2023!  This year this all senior contest will be held from August 21st through August 30th.  All four (4) phases of this contest will be virtual.  For more information please email Nikki at  There will be a scholarship for the winner and all contestants that score over 800 will qualify for the Grand National Youth of the Year contest.  Hope to see you there!

Click HERE for the application!


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Calling all Juniors Ages 13 and Under!

Love the Youth Contest? Want to compete against other juniors on a National level?
You’re invited to participate in the AMHA Junior Invitational in OKC! Open to all youth under the age of 13 with no qualifying necessary. The invitational includes two parts: a speech component with an interview for 250 points. This takes place in Oklahoma City during the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show® each year.  

Participants are invited to participate in one or both components. Awards for first through sixth to be placed in each component. Champion and Reserve Champion based on the highest scores will also be awarded. Application fee of $30.

Contact AMHA at (859)448-5109 for more information.



Grand National Individual Judging Contest!

If you are under the age of 21 and love to judge, this contest is for you! This contest is open to all youth who are not already entered in the Grand National; YOTY or the Junior Invitational. 4-H, FFA and Collegiate Teams are welcome! Contact Nikki at AMHA for more information. (859)448-5109


AMHA Youth Needs your help!

Our youth programs are always looking toward the future to improve contests and especially accesability to contests! We are currently in the process of building a library of judging videos. If you are interested in creating a video to donate to AMHA Youth please follow the guidelines below.