The National Museum of the Morgan Horse holds collections related to all aspects of the breed history. The collections are comprised of manuscript collections, every issue of the Morgan Horse Magazine, an extensive collection of individual Morgan horse photographs, information about prominent Morgan horse farms and breeders, various clubs and breed related organizations, and more. The museum also owns many paintings and sculptures of Morgan horses.

The majority of the collections are housed at Middlebury College Davis Family Library in Special Collections.  
Contact the Museum Director if you would like to plan a visit to research at Special Collections.

A list of our book collection can be found in the Middlebury College Library Catalog.

Staff and volunteers are currently working on cataloging, photographing, and digitizing items in the collection. Please visit our online collection to perform searches, view our horse photo gallery, and more. Members also receive a number of free research requests per year. Otherwise, there is a $35/hour research fee. If you would like to become a member, please fill out our membership form and mail it to the museum with a check or credit card information. Please email the Museum Director with research inquiries at or call 802/985-4944 ext. 501. Visit our online collections at AMHA members can access the full collection by emailing the museum director with a scan of their membership card.

We welcome new items to the collection. If you have something you are interested in donating, please contact the Museum Director.  For more information about what types of items we accept, please read our Collection Policy.