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2023 International Saddle Seat Invitational

March 7, 2023


The United States Saddle Seat Invitational, hosted by the US Saddle Seat Association, will be held in New Orleans, LA at Cascade Stables June 27 through June 30, 2023.  This competition will feature two teams from the US and a Canadian Team.  Selectors worked tirelessly to narrow a strong pool of applicants to choose the two talented teams.  The US teams will compete against each other and Canada. Therefore, there will be two independently named US teams, the Stars and the Stripes.

Congratulations to all riders selected, including the Morgan riders!



Coaches - Allison Deardorf and Sarah Track Coaches - Ryne Swope and Betsy Boone
Ava Bertagnolli Caroline Katko
Tatum Milley Ashley Sweeney
Brie Keeton Allvia Garwood
Sarena Eaton Emma Sudemeyer
Allysa Watanapongse Channing Turner
Maddi Eppink Madison Hoffmeyer
Isabella Sims Morgan Peer
Samantha Silverstein Marin Field
Ellie Riva Hannah Bennett
Harper Breaux McKenna Jachim
Abigail Asiatico Charlie Heneman
Hannah Broughton Pearson Waller