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Special January/February 2021 Feature

Significant Sire Series: The Starfire Enigma
By Stephen Kinney • January/February 2021

Editors' Picks: Features 2019

Dressage: The Ascendants Continue
By Karin Weight • October 2019

Carriage Driving: Opportunities to Drive Outside the Show Ring
By Jeff Morse • September 2019

New England, The Homeland: Breeder Profile: Newmont Morgans
By Stephen Kinney • August 2019

New England, The Homeland: The Neverending Influence of Legacy Breeder Frances Bryant
By Brenda L. Tippin • August 2019

Roundtable: Morgans in Rodeo
By Kim Oplotnik • June/July 2019

Morgan People: Chris MacLuckie—5000 Miles of Hope
By Kim Oplotnik • April/May 2019

Focus on Professionals: Denny Emerson Résumé of a Horseman Q & A
By Stephen Kinney • March 2019

Industry Watch: Transition at Our Oldest Breeding Program (UVM Morgan Horse Farm)
By Suzy Lucine • January/February 2019

Editors' Picks: Features 2018

Rescue: An Obligation for the 21st Century (Forever Morgans)
By Susan Overstreet • October 2018

Morgan People: Hope, Healing, and the Morgan (War Horses for Veterans)
By Julia Arnold • October 2018

New England, The Homeland: "We Were Princesses"—The Fish Sisters
By Stephen Kinney • August 2018

New England, The Homeland: Northampton's Classes of a Century Past
By Patti Brooks • August 2018

History Lesson: Roland Hill, Dean of Morgan Horse Breeders
By Brenda Tippin • April/May 2018

Roundtable: Trainers Who Also Breed Morgan Horses
By Suzy Lucine • March 2018

Professionals: We Are More Alike Than We are Different (Erin Van Steenburgh)
By Kim Oplotnik • March 2018

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Figure and Sons

Myth and mystery about early Morgan progenitors meets with detailed research by a prolific breed historian.

By Brenda Tippin

Figure and Sons Archive


Blood Will Tell

Researcher Marsha Valance has profiled nearly 100 Morgan legends from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Her single page columns are regularly the last page—the “Parting Shot”—of the official breed journal.

Magazine Chat: Questions & Answers with Marsha Valance (April/May 2020)

Blood Will Tell Archive


The Trotting Series

What is efficient, what is aberrant, and how it all matters in the saddle seat, fine harness, and show ring disciplines.

By Stephen Kinney

The Trotting Series Archive


Foals Contest

Amateur photos submitted for our annual competition. Lots of adorable Morgan babies.

Foal Contest Archive


Significant Sire Series

Significant Sire Series Archive


Legacy Mares Series

Legacy Mares Series Archive


Breed Research

Breed Research Archive


Laura Behning on Color

There has been a colorful explosion in the Morgan breed in recent years. Profiles of the horses & lessons in genetics.

Laura Behning Archive


Drumming Hoof Beats Series:
The Story of the Indian Reservation Morgans

By Gail Perlee

Drumming Hoof Beats Series Archive