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November/December 2017

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2017 World Champion Western Pleasure Amateur and World Champion Western Pleasure Youth, Equinox Bossanova (White Rock's Caliopy x Equinox Pollyanna). Shown by Olivia O'Brien and owned by Christine Nava-Malthroup. Cover sponsored by Christine Nava-Malthroup. Photo © Howard Schatzberg.


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MORGAN PEOPLE Exit Interview
By Suzy Lucine
An exit interview as Stephen Davis retires as UVM Morgan Horse Farm Directory.

MORGAN PEOPLE A Visit with Tony Lee
By Stephen Kinney
We catch up with the tireless promoter and worker for the Morgan breed.

HISTORY LESSON Peter's Ethan Allen 2d
By Brenda Tippin
Peter's Ethan Allen 2d, cornerstone of the Lippitts, was among the most influential Morgan sires of the 1800s and his contribution is still felt today.

THIS JUST IN A Morgan Rocks Out to Region 1 Grand Prix Championship
By Elizabeth Putfark
Jennifer Drescher and her Morgan rock out Region 1 Grand Prix Championship.

CDE/CARRIAGE The Slow and Methodical Development of a Winner
By Cheryl Pratt Rivers
Real world tips for developing your Morgan for the exciting world of CDE and Carriage.

PHOTO ESSAY Those Amazing Morgan Foals Photo Contest Results
Photos of these Morgan foals, taken by amateur photographers and submitted by our readers, were published in our October issue.

GRAND NATIONAL Introduction—What We Loved
Our reporters and photographers on their favorite Oklahoma moments.

By Kathy Carlson, Stephen Kinney, Suzy Lucine, and Kim Oplotnik
Colorful backstories from the event of the year.

GRAND NATIONAL Youth of the Year Report
By Katie Hodges and Steven Handy

GRAND NATIONAL What We Saw: A Week in Candid Photos
Candid photography by Chloe Farischon, Dawn Fire, Alex Frangiosa, Katie Hodges, Kim Oplotnik, Cassidy Spreadbury, Terri Sturm, and Lauren Tyner

morgan show record

Grand National
By Dallas Bolen, Sara Breyman, Jenna Britt, Kathy Carlson, Liz Goldmann, Stephen Kinney, Lindsay Naas, Kim Oplotnik, Laurie Sterling, Terri Sturm, and Meghan von Ballmoos

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