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October 2019

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THIS JUST IN Tackling Tevis
By Denny Emerson
Tonya Olson reflects on her Tevis Cup bid with Greentree June C.

THIS JUST IN Indiana Morgan Expo
By Erica Eulau
Shipshewana plays host to clinics and an exhibition of breeding stock.

THIS JUST IN Racing the Morgan Mile
By Dennis and Laura Tatro
Morgan lovers trot down the lane where Justin Morgan himself once trod.

AMATEUR ROUNDTABLE Understanding English Performance
By Stephen Kinney
The new series continues, tapping the lessons learned by our amateur riders.

MORGAN PEOPLE Carole Mercer's Dancing Morgans
By Brenda Tippin
Unimaginable equine feats executed on the backs of Morgan horses.

SIGNIFICANT SIRE Lippitt Foundation Stallions
By Brenda Tippin
Croydon Prince and Donald, two of the eight foundation sires of the Lippitt family.

DRESSAGE The Ascendants Continue
By Karin Weight
More Morgans climb the mountain of Grand Prix dressage—four new graduates.

COLORFUL Mutation Sensation
By Laura Horning Behning
Roan is back. A rare genetic event returns a color thought to have been lost.

TROTTING SERIES Part IV—The Emotions of Motion
By Stephen Kinney
Continued ramblings on breeding, judging, and training for the trot.

PHOTO ESSAY Those Amazing Morgan Foals
The only thing that appears faster in the spring than Morgan foals are the cameras to capture their special moments.

on the cover

Lippitt stallion Devine Cool Hand Luke (Sandrock Joel x M Classic Tabby Sue) owned and bred by Christine Holm; Cover sponsored by Devine Morgans and friends of the Lippitt Morgan. Photo by Heidi Osgood-Metcalf.

show record

New York Regional
By Daisy Beisler, Stephen Kinney, Karen Rossen, & Ashleigh Wood

Jubilee Regional
By Stephen Kinney & Nicole Peterson

C-Fair Regional
By Kathy Carlson & Tessa Beard

Massachusetts Morgan
By Jenna Britt, Shirley Haas, Barbara Irvine, Stephen Kinney, Laurie Sterling, & Erin van Steenburgh

Michigan Breeders Futurity
By Muriel Herrick & Kara Hose

Buckeye Morgan Challenge
By Kara Hose

Northstar Americana
By Nicole Peterson

All Breed Ranch
By Kristen Cesnik

Lippitt Country Show
By Laura & Dennis Tatro

Pacific Northwest Morgan
By Kathy Carlson

Summer's End
By Tami Johnson






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