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August 2020

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Liz Ciccone & LNT Cassanova GCH, the Morgan to which she compares all others. Cover sponsored by Kobylar Morgans LLC. Photos by Howard Schatzberg & Shane Shiflet.


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HISTORY LESSON Morgans in Early Western Movies, Part II
By Brenda Tippin
Rex, King of the Wild Horses.

MORGAN PEOPLE The Only Sicilian Cowboy West of the Mississippi
By Julia Arnold
Gap Pucci's adventurous life in the outback has depended on his Morgans.

COVER STORY The Smart Instincts of Liz Ciccone
By Stephen Kinney
Riding bareback as a kid, riding smart in the show ring today.

NEW ENGLAND, THE HOMELAND Conference Call, The Baker Boys
By Stephen Kinney
Talking Northampton legends with the kids from Vermont.

MORGAN PEOPLE A Home in the Morgan Community
By Stephen Kinney
Our breed, uniquely entwined with American history, has played its own role in the story of race.

AMATEUR ROUNDTABLE Understanding AOTS Competition
By Stephen Kinney
Tapping the lessons learned by our amateur exhibitors.


show record

Big D Charity
By Kim Oplotnik


Silicon Valley
By Kim Oplotnik


Bonnie Blue
By Kim Oplotnik


By Kim Oplotnik


Route 66 Morgan Classic
By Kim Oplotnik


Greater Boston Charity
By Alexa Rahman


Jersey Classic
By Laurie Sterling