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Last Call to Vote in the 2017 AMHA Election

February 14, 2017

The 2017 AMHA Election for the new Board of Directors is now in progress.

All eligible voters (members 18 and over in good standing as of December 2016) that had e-mail addresses on file with AMHA have been sent electronic ballots for voting purposes. The ballots were sent on or around January 5, 2017. Please check your e-mail inbox and spam folder to find your ballot and follow the voting instructions.

If you feel your ballot may have been deleted due to spam, etc., please contact Executive Director Carrie Mortensen at the AMHA Office at (802) 985-4944, ext. 201 to request a duplicate electronic ballot. Duplicate electronic ballots are sent ONLY to those members that were scheduled to receive one and ONLY to the EXACT same e-mail address that was on file as of December 2016.

If your e-mail was not on file, OR if your e-mail address was not updated prior to the sending of these ballots, you are not eligible to receive an electronic ballot per the previously published voting procedures. However, you may still cast your vote in one of the two following ways:

1)     Attend the annual meeting on February 24 in Riverside, CA at the AMHA Convention and cast your vote in person,


2)    Give someone (a current AMHA member) that is attending the annual meeting on February 24 your proxy to vote in person on your behalf. The proxy form can be downloaded here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must give the proxy to the person that will be voting at the Convention on your behalf. Do NOT mail the proxy to the AMHA Office. Proxies received at the AMHA Office are NOT valid.

In addition, paper ballots were mailed only to those eligible members that requested one by the December 14, 2016 deadline. Paper ballots are NOT available at this time in the election process.

Any questions regarding the election should be directed to Executive Director, Carrie Mortensen at the AMHA Office at (802) 985-4944, ext. 201.