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Midwest Charity Horse Show and Illinois State Fairgrounds Updates

April 13, 2017

As many know Midwest’s 2017 edition, June 13-17, 2017, will be held at the Illinois State Fairgrounds Covered Arena due to the closure of the Coliseum. For purposes of clarification, Midwest Charity’s Board of Directors wanted to provide detail for our trainers and exhibitors about the show arena and additional warm-up rings that have been added.
Covered Arena- Square footage of the Covered Arena is very similar to many venues that Midwest’s trainers and exhibitors are already familiar. Progress is being made on construction to enclose the venue. The Covered Arena measures 225' x 146' (Bleachers on the north side will take up 15', then the fencing will take a few feet as well) for a total of 32,850 Sq. feet empty. With Bleachers, 210' x 146' = 30,660 Sq. feet.
Warm Up Rings-The new Food-A-Rama: 150’ x 80’ = 12,000 Sq. feet. The street will be blocked to accommodate horse traffic.
Barn 14: 175' x 65' (small practice arena with stabling across from covered arena) = 11,375 Sq. feet.
Barn 13: 150' x 100' = 15,000 Sq. feet.

Exhibitors will enjoy seeing their favorite vendors around the horse complex, featuring food, show supplies, clothing and accessories, fine jewelry and artwork. Vendors who were in the Coliseum will relocate to the front of Barn 14, directly across from the Covered Arena and to other nearby locations within the horse complex. The current list of vendors include: A Little Silver Lining, Loose Ends Jewelry, Show Horse Tack and St. Louis Harness.
Please remember to make your hotel reservations early as there is an FFA convention in town the Monday and Tuesday at the start of the show.
The 76th annual Midwest Charity Horse Show includes a distinguished panel of judges: Michael Craghead, Fresno, CA; Sandra Currier, Bellville, TX; and Nancy Troutman, Salem, VA.
For more information about the Midwest Charity Horse Show, call Show Manager/President, Carole Kennedy at (217) 414-1900. Those who are online can log on to to peruse the 2017 prize list and to check for updates regarding this year's show. Also don’t forget to like and follow us on Facebook!