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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Some Great News for the Morgan Horse!

January 17, 2018

HorseFlicksTV is both proud to announce that it has launched its own TV Channel called HorseTVToday. The channel is carried on AmazonFire/FireStick, Roku, AppleTV, AndroidTV and also has downloadable apps for everyone’s phones, tablets, and iPads. Now viewers can watch the TV Series on their TV, phone or tablet- when they want, where they want. No more missing episodes because you weren’t able to catch it at a particular time, on a particular channel, on a particular cable or satellite channel. It’s there when you want to watch. And because they own the TV channel, they can keep the “Morgans Across America” TV series out there for ten years if we want to. They are not limited to a handful of airings by a broadcaster and then go into a film vault, never to be seen again.

Also acquired are about 2,000 episodes of additional equine content from around the world to go with their own productions and the entire library is broken into six major categories. Occupying the best piece of real estate on the home page is the “World of Horse Breeds” panel, so viewers won’t have to hunt for it.

HorseTVToday is giving Morgan Horse owners the long-term, permanent TV exposure for their fascinating Morgan Horse experiences and is available globally. And it’s commercial free! Join Weber Training Stables, Silver Creek Morgans, and others who have produced their own story of involvement with the Morgan, and help promote Morgans to a global audience. Contact us to schedule your film shoot, and join the TV Series. If you would like to help us spread the word about the greatest representation of Morgan Horses found anywhere on TV, share the news- by sending them to for the best Morgan episodes on TV, or phone, tablet or computer.

If you’re not yet in the TV series and want to share your Morgan Horse experience with a mass domestic and global audience for years to come, contact HorseFlicksTV to reserve one of the few Morgan Breed slots we have available for 2018. Contact or call (940) 594-0000.