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Attention Youth! Become a Free US Equestrian Fan Member

January 17, 2018

You no longer have to be a record setting quarterback or captain of the cheerleading team to earn a junior high or high school varsity letter. Join the US Equestrian Lettering program to be recognized for your dedication to the equestrian sport!

The US Equestrian Lettering program recognizes the achievement of students and their devotion to the sport of equestrian. With nearly 17,000 students enrolled since the program began in 2010, more and more equestrians are receiving the recognition they deserve for their devotion to the sport.

The program recognizes and honors equestrians in grades five to 12. To be eligible, a student must:

• Be a US Equestrian member (Fan or Competing)
• Log 100 hours of equestrian activity (which includes the competitions below)
• Compete at three competitions of any type or level (shows do not have to be USEF)
• Submit proof of enrollment in school

Students receive an achievement certificate, a free letterman patch and a lapel pin for each year that they complete the program’s requirements. Additionally, students can purchase US Equestrian Lettering merchandise, including a US Equestrian Letterman Jacket.

Use the exclusive promo code AMHA18 to receive a FREE US Equestrian Fan Membership and join the Lettering program today! More information about the US Equestrian Lettering program visit or email