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Morgan standing in a foggy field

Is Your Show Star Rated?

March 7, 2018

Show season is right around the corner! Is your show AMHA Star Rated? 

The AMHA Star Rating programt recently was revamped, with changes to take effect starting with the 2018 show season. The program no longer will have four star rated shows, there will only be one show, a Star Rated Show. These shows' criteria is similar to the previous 3 Star Show and is applicable ONLY to shows that are not USEF rated. Places 1st and 2nd at Star Rated shows will qualify for the Morgan Grand National. The fee to become a Star Rated show is $50; and it will follow USEF rules in terms of show dates. USEF "r" or "R" Morgan judges also need be hired. High-point certificates are available upon request.

USEF-rated shows will continue to qualify for Grand National with places 1-6.
To see the criteria to be an AMHA Star Rated Show, please click here  or go to