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Morgan standing in a foggy field

The Connecticut Morgan Horse Association Launches New Branding

April 9, 2024


The Connecticut Morgan Horse Association, a leading Morgan Horse Club, is thrilled to announce an exciting rebranding initiative in partnership with Firebrick Design and Pam Howard that marks a significant milestone in the club's evolution. The comprehensive transformation encompasses a new logo and visual identity, redefining CMHA's presence in the equestrian ecosystem.

The rebranding efforts at CMHA reflects a strategic approach to staying at the forefront of the Morgan Horse industry and meeting the ever-evolving needs of the community. This process involved feedback from over 100 CMHA members, exhibitors, spectators, industry leaders, and artists. CMHA aims to reinforce their commitment to excellence, honor their heritage, and bring their members an even more enriching experience. Additionally, this exercises incorporated graphic elements such as the oak leaf, acorn, Latin phrases, and Mountain Laurel flowers that are representative of the State of Connecticut.

Key elements of the rebranding initiative include:

  • new logo
  • updated website
  • revamped CMHA swag 
  • Nutmug members quarterly magazine 
  • updated social media
  • new custom prizes, ribbons, and awards

"The CMHA brand consists of various design marks that can be leveraged across multiple platforms. Their consistent use builds familiarity and recognition of the organization, and sets the club apart from other outwardly similar groups. The larger “shield” is a nod to a traditional coat of arms — but this one is populated with the Morgan horse, as well as multiple symbols of Connecticut; mountain laurel branches, oak leaves, and acorns. The bottom banner is a loose translation of the “Horses that thrill” tagline into Latin — another nod to heritage, but with a playful wink. The larger brand universe of art continues to evolve and expand the themes of the Morgan horse, history, nature, and Connecticut." - Pam Howard, Founder (Firebrick Design)

Stay updated on CMHA's transformative journey and connect with them through their website and social media channels."


From Connecticut Morgan Horse Association Vice President, Adam Lagosz.