AMHA Person(s) of the Year Honorees

1964: Donald Balch and Jeanne Mellin Herrick
1965: Gordon Voorhis and Anna Ela
1966: Dr. Hank Boyd and Connie Barton
1967: Prof. L.V. Cy Tirrell and Gloria Jones
1968: Deane Davis and Polly Bee
1969: Fred Herrick and Frances Schaeffer M.D.
1970: Lawrence Appley, Lyman Orcutt and Mary Woolverton
1971: Leo Beckley and Mrs. Archibald Cox
1972: Robert Orcutt and Nancy Caisse
1973: Dr. C.D. Parks and Mabel Owen
1974: Robert Morgan and Doris Ryan
1975: John Quagliaroli and Marilyn Childs
1976: Boyd Stewart and Ginny Muse
1977: Stuart Hazard and Ruth Orcutt
1978: James Wigle and Mildred Junk
1979: Dr. Albert Lucine and Helen Greenwalt
1980: Leonard Wales and Margaret Gardiner
1981: Darwin S. Morse and Lee Ferguson
1982: J. Roy Brunk and Margaret Hutchinson
1983: Dana Wingate Kelley and Margaret Ferguson
1984: Robert Baker and Frances Bryant
1985: James C. Brown and Georgie Green
1986: Robert Epperson and Gloria Epperson
1987: Raymond T. Gifford and Polly S. Quinn
1988: W. Dayton Sumner and Martha V. duPont
1989: Roy Honstein and Nancy Eidam
1990: Darwin Olson and Marlene Farabee
1991: Frederic Dorwart and Elberta Honstein
1992: Philip M. DuBois and Gloria Jones
1993: Robert Brooks and Barbara Rudicel
1994: Arthur Perry, Jr. and Jane Blue
1995: John Green and Joy Platz
1996: Robert Fraunfelder and Mary Jean Vasiloff
1997: Stephen Davis and Peggy J. Hatfield
1998: George Arnold and Katrina Wood
1999: Calvin D. Hanson and Ellen Di Bella
2000: Leland Sadler and Ruth Sadler
2001: Robert D. Riley and Kathie Horman
2002: John William Crawford and Sherry Cole
2003: Robert Morgan and Karen Homer Brown
2004: Jeffrey Morse and Anne Speck
2005: Jim Stewart and Anne Brown
2006: C. A. "Tony" Lee III and Christine Cassenti
2007: Pete Jaeger and Valerie Low
2008: Harry Sebring and Sara Foy
2009: Roger Barricklow and Connie Barker
2010: Yum Kee Fu and Susan Fu
2011: David Rand and Elaine Galatz
2012: Mike Goebig and Kathy Newcomb
2013: Kevin Worsley and Barbara Irvine
2014: Bill Pettis and Cindy Mugnier
2015: Larry Bolen
2016: Sally Plumley
2017: Sandy Sessink
2018: John Lampropoulos

2019: Rick Lane

2020: Not Awarded Due to COVID-19