Laura Behning on Color

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Colorful: The Origins of Morgan Colors
September 2023

Breeder Profile: The Story of Ancan Morgans
September 2021

Breeder Profile: Hercules on Horseback (Steve Reeves)
October 2020

Mutation Sensation
October 2019

They Wear the Brand, Bar None (Bar None Ranch)
August 2019

All in the Family (MtnTop Morgans)
October 2018

Doing Her Homework (Natalie Tanaka)
June/July 2018

Weathering the Storm—Rafter Bar D Morgans
October 2017

Treasure Down Under: RanchBoss Cortez
January/February 2017

Well Dun (The Story of Robbi-Sue Morgans)
October 2016

Chingadero—The Cream of the Crop
August 2016

Ranching: Working Class (Devine Morgans)
January 2016

June/July 2015

A Touch of Pastel
April/May 2015

Back To Basics
February/March 2015

Precious Metal: The Legacy of Morgan Gold
January 2015

Victory is Golden: MLB Capo Di' Capo
May 2014

A Dream That Keeps on Giving
May 2014

Colorful: Covering the Spectrum
May 2013

Hy Crest Satina
March 2012

A Box of Crayons
March 2011

Legacy Mares: Foxton Felicia
March 2011

Legacy Mares: Cotton Candy: Let Her Colors Shine
March 2010

High White Rising
April 2009

What Color is it, Anyway? A Primer on Foal Color
April 2008

Californio: A Friend to All
April 2008

Making a Splash: The Story of Shahaylee
April 2007

Look-Alike Colors
April 2006

Ahead of His Time: The Sunup Neptune Story
April 2004